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The top six questions you were too afraid to ask your event agency

May 31, 2016

Written by: Mary MacGregor
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If you've ever been involved in planning a corporate event or incentive trip, you've probably heard a little voice in your head with a host of questions.

"What if...?"

"How will we handle...?"

"Why can't we...?"

The top six questions you were too afraid to ask your event agency.

If you’re working on an upcoming event, it’s almost certain that you’re short on time, resources or both. You probably need to move fast and you’re thanking your lucky stars that your agency is driving your programme forward. Even if your focus is onward and upward, don’t be afraid to stop and ask questions. Taking a moment to challenge an approach or resolve a nagging concern can save time and complications down the road. To get you started, we came up with the top six questions you should always ask your agency.

Unfortunately, many of these questions never get asked. Clients often fear that raising a question will slow down the planning process or make them look unprepared or misinformed. 

The truth is, any question is worth asking. Bringing up an issue or challenging an approach can take a programme to the next level. That's why we've compiled a list of the most productive questions to ask your agency. 

 The top six questions to ask your events agency

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Mary MacGregor

Vice President – Event Solutions

Mary MacGregor joined BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) in January of 2013 as Corporate Vice President – Event Solutions and is responsible for all operating areas of the BIW Event Solutions Group including purchasing, design, delivery, group air, individual incentive travel, on site operations, technology, communications and merchandise. Based in the US, she leads a team of over 175 industry professionals who deliver memorable experiences and measurable results for their customers.

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