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Let's find the most effective strategy that rewards and recognises your team and increases business engagement.

Motivate. Engage. Recognise.


    We listen closely to your requirements and transform them into an engaging solution.


    We base our strategies on up-to-date employee research and behavioural science.


    We monitor campaign activity and participation levels so you can make informed decisions.

Employee Recognition

Pay attention to retention

You can’t put a price on loyal and dedicated employees, but you can count the cost of replacing them.

The outlay for sourcing, training, and retaining employees is a major concern for all industries. Businesses are keen to retain their talent and that simply can’t be achieved anymore with just a fair wage.

But rather than just throwing good money after bad by increasing salary in the hope that they’ll stay, it’s much more cost-effective to invest in a programme that engages, retains, and recognises employees.

So if you would rather your workforce is constantly evolving rather than revolving, or you’re looking to attract the best in the marketplace, BI WORLDWIDE has the knowledge and experience to create employee recognition programmes that help you retain passionate and dedicated employees.

Find the right recognition & engagement

Reward & Recognition

Reward and recognise your team with a custom-built programme that improves performance, and influences behaviour.

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Employee Engagement

With our state-of-the-art global recognition platform, G5, your business can be set up to produce better results efficiently.

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Incentive Travel

Proven to be the best motivational reward there is, offer your team the ultimate experience to drive performance.

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Meetings & Conferences

Organise gala dinners, reward ceremonies, & motivational conferences to engage your team further.

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