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Sales & channel incentives

At BI WORLDWIDE, we design and build bespoke performance improvement programmes for your sales and channel audiences.

We incorporate strategic input that’s founded on the proven principles of behavioural economics, providing innovative touches to your incentive programme that drives engagement and participation.

When you give your sales and channel partners the tools they need to succeed, you create the world’s most passionate ambassadors, driving sales and awareness of your brand and product.

Our in-house sales and channel incentive solutions

  • Sales incentives

    Are you looking to increase sales performance and engagement levels? If so, our incentive programmes are designed to change the behaviour of your sales team and channel partners to achieve business results you want.

  • Reward & Recognition

    We offer an abundance of solutions that reward, recognise, and celebrate your outstanding achievers. Tailored around your business requirements and needs, we can work with you to identify what motivates your audience and deliver the best solution.

  • Measurement

    Proving ROI is incredibly important when running sales incentives. It’s also important sales individuals have clear visibility to see how close they are to reaching their goals. Provide your audience with the right tools that motivate, inspire and increase performance.

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