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Are you on the naughty or the nice list?

The holiday season is a time when we experience heightened levels of joy and gratitude, but a recognition programme isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. Does your company’s approach to employee recognition sit on the naughty or the nice list?

Here are some key things to consider in your recognition programme:


Start at the top – Want a culture of recognition to spread? Make sure your managers are leading from the front by setting the example and living the values and behaviours you want to see.

Be Timely – We know you’re busy, but taking a moment to show your appreciation to your colleagues should be a top priority. Employees who receive timely recognition are likely to be more engaged and productive.

Make it Easy – Streamline the process, remove excuses and don’t get bogged down in process and paperwork. Make sure your method or recognition system integrates seamlessly into existing tools  to easily manage formal and informal recognition programmes.

Get Personal – Everyone plays a crucial role.  Ensure you call out each individual so they feel seen and valued.

Be Specific – “Cheers for your help on the project!” Great, but what did you specifically appreciate about their contribution?

All Inclusive – Recognition shouldn’t be strictly a top-down activity. If your manager, or your manager’s manager, has demonstrated the company values, show your appreciation. Positive reinforcement is powerful and managers deserve thank you notes too.

Do It OftenOk,  you don’t need to shout from the rooftops each time someone makes a coffee, but if you take the time to look up there will be moments each day that deserve recognition. Employees who receive recognition within their first six months are more likely to remain in the business.

Be Transparent – Keep the secret handshakes for secret clubs. Ensure your recognition programme is open and transparent, allowing a culture of trust and mutual respect to spread through your organisation.

Keep it Values Based Align recognition to the values you’re trying to reinforce. Provide real-life stories of how your values come to life through your employees. Share them to cultivate and extend the behaviours across your business.

So, if you want to effectively recognise your employees, make sure you’re not just checking this list but checking it twice. You still may not receive anything from Santa, but you will get driven and loyal employees – and they’re gifts that keep on giving. 

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