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Top 6 Winter Incentive Destinations

When it comes to planning the perfect incentive, why wait for the summer when you can plan an amazing winter incentive with just as many activities! Lots of snow and stunning destinations to choose from? We looked at the destinations we think are ideal for a winter incentive. Trust us, these staff incentive ideas will soon become a reality.


  1. Rovaniemi – the official hometown of Santa Claus

If you’re going to go for a cold incentive, then you should go all the way and go somewhere like Rovaniemi, which offers something different to a normal incentive.

You can create a magical event in Rovaniemi by visiting Santa’s village, taking a reindeer ride, hunting for the Northern Lights, eating in a -4 degree ice restaurant or, even better, have Santa visit you for lunch…only if you’re good though!

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you wish to avoid the crowds, January/February is a great time to go when there’s lots of snow and lots to see and do!

  1. Iceland – turns the plain into the extraordinary

From geysers gush to lava fields, and mud pots gloop to glaciers - mighty forces shape the Icelandic landscape offering an extreme contrast and spectacular vistas.

Take a trip to the Blue Lagoon, breathe in the crisp clean air, and see an eyeful of the cinematic landscapes - your group will soon be transfixed to its breath-taking natural attractions.

So much of its natural beauty is also found in Iceland’s culture and people. Reykjavik is a laid back, friendly, walkable city where live music is everywhere. It oozes effortless style all wrapped in an assured individuality making Iceland one of the best winter destinations anywhere.

  1. Prague – one location that won’t disappoint!

Nothing beats a Christmas Market and Prague has one of the best in Europe! If you’re looking for a short festive city break, then Prague may be the ideal location for you and your group. Enjoy some warm mulled wine or local beer, walk around the markets, and admire the historic buildings and intimate streets surrounding you.

Too cold to stay outside? Watch a performance at one of the many Opera houses in Prague, or privately dine at the Castle and tuck into local cuisine. 

  1. Val D’isere – perfect for the ski or snowboard enthusiasts

Stay in a luxurious French ski chalet, grab a ski pass for both Val D’isere and Tignes, and enjoy some incredible runs down the slopes – perfect for any sporting enthusiast!

Alternatively, you could enjoy the snow and views in another way by taking a helicopter tour of the Tarentaise Valley, go for a ride around the ice driving circuit, or enjoy a snowshoe hike along the mountains.

People from all over the world visit Val D’isere as it offers some of the best facilities for a ski resort. Val D’isere is a fantastic location for groups who are willing to try any of the adrenaline fuelled activities it has to offer.

  1. St Moritz – chic, elegant and exclusive

St Moritz is one of the world’s most famous winter destination holiday resorts in Switzerland and is well known for White Turf, an annual horse-racing event held every February. If you’re going to St Moritz to watch White Turf, make sure you pack a warm coat as well as a hat as you’re going to need it!

Take your incentive group to watch White Turf and treat them to a full hospitality package for the day. Finish the day by dining at one of the many beautiful restaurants in St Moritz and wind down for the night at Badrutt’s Palace, offering spectacular snowy views.

St Moritz has many other attractions and offers a wonderful way of life, but it is the annual White Turf that really sets it apart.

  1. Whistler – a real life winter wonderland

Whistler is a fabulous destination. This real life winter wonderland nestled between the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains has some of the best skiing in North America with fantastic warm Canadian hospitality.

How does music, dance and spinning fire sound to you? Dangerous? Enjoy the Fire and Ice show and watch athletes flip and twist through a burning ring of fire. Don’t worry they won’t ask you to participate!


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