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HELP! Employee recognition emergency!

Sometimes, even the most effective, global company needs a bit of a hand to recognise and reward their own employees


For this global power management enterprise, being a leader when it came to electrical systems, components, quality, and control had always been something they excelled at. But when it came to a recognition system to complement their high performance culture—they needed help.


Reinforce a high performance culture among 59,000 employees with  the implementation of an integrated recognition system.


BI WORLDWIDE developed a points-based recognition platform that encompassed the entire business. Integrating the cultural principles of core values, customer focus and operational excellence, managers and employees are able to recognise each other in seven different categories and earn redeemable points for their contributions.

The platform integrates with the company’s learning management system and intranet seamlessly, with support from employee-centric print and digital communications.


Within the first eight months, 70% of eligible employees had already been recognised by their peers or managers. Around the world, locations are aligning local recognition programmes with the overarching enterprise solution successfully launching in all 41 countries in its fourth year.

Feel free to download our case study for future reference.  Download this case study