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G5 Executive Summary

Introducing G5

The most advanced social recognition platform on the planet, G5.

G5 is a highly intelligent platform that’s as fun as it is functional. G5 changes behaviour, promotes engagement and produces tangible results.

Employee Engagement, Employee Rewards and Employee Recognition with G5 Platform

This innovative, fully customisable platform delivers meaningful recognition to employees. Whether it’s peer-to-peer or from a manager, authentic recognition makes an impact.

Let's give your employees a recognition system that works for them.  

Introducing G5

The most advanced social recognition system — EVER!

BI WORLDWIDE G5. Our fifth-generation recognition system, the only solution specifically designed to engage your employees through innovative social applications that change behaviour and achieve your measurable engagement objectives.


  • Adaptive Design – The first system to feature a responsive web design that provides access for any employee, anywhere, using any desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet device.
  • Applications Library – Access to the largest library of built-in applications to support your recognition, nomination, service anniversary, birthday and learning initiatives.
  • Free Upgrades – A complete recognition system that offers a scalable, multi-tenant environment complete with free upgrades.
  • Flexibility – The only recognition system that accommodates any requirements you may have for customisations.
  • Security – G5 offers .....
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