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Events Evolution | 55-Minute Webinar

The world of events has been through massive disruption and change over the past 18 months, resulting in many businesses wondering how best to engage their audiences and keep their message heard.

Bringing together our panel of in-house events experts, we’ll discuss how we’ve helped clients answer those questions, using timely case studies that span virtual, hybrid and live solutions.

• Is now the right time to return to live events?
• Are audiences still tuning in for virtual?
• Could hybrid be the answer?

  We’ll debate the challenges, anxieties and opportunities that decision-makers face as they consider the evolution of their events and what could impact these in the near future.  

Our in-house experts share the facts and statistics that will help you shape the choices you make around your forthcoming events. 

Meet our Speakers

Jaclyn Norman, Business Development Director

Jaclyn has over 15 years of experience working in the events industry, both operationally and in client relationship management. Supporting our clients and the BI WORLDWIDE's in-house team. Jaclyn has travelled and operated globally, working with our regional teams around the world. Building relationships of trust and high performing excellence.


Rachel Belliere-Wilson, Events Operations Director

Rachel delivers creative event solutions, from UK events to worldwide programmes for global audiences. Rachel leads the EMEA event divisions, looking today to safeguard tomorrow. Finely balancing creativity with risk management, compliance and legislation. She is passionate about the industry striving to evolve sustainability and is a champion at BIW for inclusivity and diversity. 


Helen Herald, Project Director

Helen has 16 years of live event experience, delivering to large global audiences, bringing them together in the same moment to share the same message. Working with our production team to develop imaginative content and programmes that challenge us to think differently, in a face to face, virtual or hybrid setting.  Helen thrives on every day, minute, second being different and helps her clients map out the best communication plan for their audiences.  


Nicola Sanders, Project Director

Nicola has diverse experience across many sectors, from pharmaceutical to automotive. With an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the event. Nicola considers the event journey from all different viewpoints - delegate, stakeholder, ensuring excellence from every angle.  With specialisms in press events and ride and drive solutions, agility in calmly managing contingencies in a changing environment. Nicola is excited to be able to continue delivering inspiring live events in the new landscape.


Louise Farrell, Project Manager

Louise works on client accounts producing diverse live communications from fast-paced small meetings to complex global conferences to high-end travel incentive experiences. Louise loves creating the sprinkle of magic, the element of surprise and the special moments that the audience weren’t expecting. Louise also looks forward, exploring how new technology can excite and engage in the event world.


Ged Mills, Group Aviation Manager

Ged has over 20 years of managing group aviation requirements. Ged’s outstanding contacts and relationships across the aviation industry level keep BIW at the forefront of breaking news and negotiations. Large, complex global group flight logistics: Ged likens it to assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle – but with timings, airlines, routes, budget, change management. His passion is sparked by the desire to be the best in his field, delivering excellence and constantly updating his knowledge in this fast-moving and ever-changing industry.


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