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How to make your employee recognition programme deliver amazing results

A few small changes to your employee recognition programme can have an incredible impact.

More than ever, companies today are achieving amazing recognition results.

A recent BI WORLDWIDE survey revealed encouraging statistics on the success of recognition programmes at Fortune 500 companies. Employees and their managers were measured on their awareness and opinions of the recognition programmes at their respective organisations, as well as their satisfaction with them.

The good news is: stats like these are just as achievable as they are impressive. Make note of some small changes you could make in your recognition programme that would have a big impact.

How can you achieve results like these?

  • Make sure everyone at your company understands how the recognition platform works. A clear, engaging communications plan is vital to building awareness and inspiring participation.
  • Choose a platform that is mobile-friendly. Your employees are online and on-the-go; they’ll want to use their phones and other smart devices to give and receive recognition.
  • Make it easy to recognise someone. Try to design as few steps as possible and make them as simple as you can. You want the act of recognising to be quick and easy enough for employees and managers to do every day.

Deliver amazing results with your employee recognition platform

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John O'Brien

Vice President of Employee Performance Group

As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Employee Performance Group, John O’Brien’s primary focus is to develop employee engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviours of employees to align with customers’ business objectives. An expert in Employee Recognition Strategy, he educates HR professionals around the world on how to best engage their employees through employee engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.

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