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Find your travel incentive sweet spot

May 20, 2016

Written by: Mary MacGregor
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Top performing teams come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, travel incentive programmes do too.

Decide which incentive travel program is best for your sales force. 


Traditional group incentive travel is still a powerful motivator but more and more, sales managers are discovering the benefits of individual incentive travel.

Before you decide which solution suits your needs best, you’ll want to consider budget, timing, company culture and group demographics. Answer the questions below and track your score to discover which travel incentive model is best for your team.

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Mary MacGregor

Vice President – Event Solutions

Mary MacGregor joined BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) in January of 2013 as Corporate Vice President – Event Solutions and is responsible for all operating areas of the BIW Event Solutions Group including purchasing, design, delivery, group air, individual incentive travel, on site operations, technology, communications and merchandise. Based in the US, she leads a team of over 175 industry professionals who deliver memorable experiences and measurable results for their customers.

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