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Corporate events that inspire change

Our people create corporate events that inspire change. We bring event ideas to life with precision, passion and creativity, and transform them into solutions that deliver inspirational experiences with a lasting impact for you and your people.

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Our corporate event services set the stage for shared memories


As a corporate events agency with decades of experience, we understand that an event should be the ultimate memorable moment, and memorable moments inspire, engage, and motivate action. Inspiration can be found in many places, but events take it to whole new level. At BI WORLDWIDE, we create events that are stages for shared memories, allowing your people to extend their experience beyond the everyday.  

Bringing your people together, to experience moments that matter, together, creates an emotional connection between them, you, your business and your brand. What emotion do you want your event to inspire? What message do you want to attach to that emotion to guarantee it’s remembered? We can work with you to formulate a vision and bring that vision to life.

Working in partnership with our clients across the globe, we create events that have the potential to transform the way their audience thinks, feels and acts when it comes to their brand.

Our corporate event services include:

  • Incentive travel
  • Meetings and conference event management
  • Gala dinners and award ceremonies
  • Product launch event management
  • Hybrid and virtual events

Our corporate event services include:

Incentive Travel

The research doesn’t lie: Nothing motivates like aspirational incentive travel. As an experienced incentive travel agency, no one knows incentive travel like we do.

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Meetings and Conference Event Management

Our meetings and conference event management services ensure your message gets heard. From large-scale conferences for thousands to smaller leadership team meetings and everything in between, we can help plan an event that turns your audience from a captive one to a captivated one.

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Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies

Whether you are looking for a gala dinner or award ceremony, we know how to create an unforgettable event that brings your people together in celebration and let them know just how special they are.

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Product Launch Event Management

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and innovation into developing your new product. Let’s work together to give it the launch it deserves. With over 30 years of experience in product launches, BI WORLDWIDE can help your product stay at the front of your audience's mind for years to come.

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Your people will have an emotional reaction to your event

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Inspirational events that are more than just a moment in time

Events are dynamic; every touchpoint of an attendee’s event experience can be a powerful motivator for improved performance or behaviour change.

Experiential events and travel have proved again and again to be the most effective ways to motivate, recognise, and reward people. And not just incentive trips and award dinners; conferences and training days can be just as rewarding (even if there’s no travel involved), as they should always be experiences. We design experiences that sit outside of the everyday. Experiences that engage your people. Moments of inspiration waiting to be unlocked. Events that are more than just a moment in time.

From big picture strategy to fine-tuned event execution

We’ve been inspiring people through our events for over 40 years. Moving global audiences around the world (and just down the road) and creating memorable moments in iconic places (and local offices). We can produce every aspect of an event from big picture strategy to fine-tuned execution. And we have an unparalleled worldwide network that allows us to make smart use of resources, accommodate a wide range of budgets and identify challenges early.  

We love delivering inspiring events for our clients, but we don't just deliver inspiring events, we deliver results. At BI WORLDWIDE, the questions that drive us are:

What happens when it's all over?

Was there any lasting impact? 

We create events that inspire change in your business; to align with your goals and maximise the value of your investment. We gain an in-depth understanding of what you want your meeting or event to achieve - a change in sales performance, a change in team dynamics, a change in behaviour. We deliver results.

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Let our corporate event experts help you bring your messages to life


Our dynamic team of creative event planners, managers, and producers collaborate with you to create unique business events, virtual and hybrid meetings, product launches, incentive programmes, award dinners or conferences to showcase your brand.

It’s our role to understand your business, brand, objectives, budget, and event management needs – then exceed your expectations.

We provide end-to-end corporate event services  including: 

  • Event management logistics
  • Insight-led solution design
  • Strategic event communications
  • Audience engagement
  • Creative design studio
  • Communications copywriting
  • Creative content and storytelling
  • Environment design and AV production
  • Film and animation
  • Apps and event technology
  • Impact measurement

A great event is awe inspiring; we'll make sure it's filled with depth and purpose to achieve your goals. 

Our corporate event expertise include:

Corporate Event Management

When an event is thoughtfully planned, you can feel the difference. Your story comes to life. When your event flows seamlessly, your audience has the freedom to connect. Engage. Understand. Remember. It feels like magic. But it couldn't be more deliberate.

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Corporate Event Production

Corporate event production should captivate your people to motivate and inspire them whilst delivering your brand's message. Whether you're looking to transform a venue to suit your vision or need help sharing your story via creative content, we cater our corporate event production services to suit your requirements.

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Hybrid and Virtual Events

Our virtual and hybrid event solutions change the way you connect, educate, and resonate with your audience. We do more than just posting your event online; our team is with you every step of the way, offering an end-to-end experience for your virtual and hybrid events. We bring your ideas and messages to life, connecting your brand with your audience.

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