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Channel Engagement Platform: Channel Smart

With Channel Smart, BI WORLDWIDE’s channel engagement platform, it’s simple to balance channel incentives and channel loyalty in a B2B environment.  Channel Smart enables you to run tailored, market-driven incentives that connect with your sales channels and deliver results for your business.


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A channel engagement platform that’s tailored for your business and channel partners

To get attention and build loyalty in a channel environment, you need to move beyond the mercenary, transactional nature of discounts and develop a holistic relationship with channel partners. But how do you begin to transform your channel relationships and drive targeted growth?   

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to channel loyalty and incentive programmes.

That’s where Channel Smart comes in. 

Off-the-shelf solutions typically don’t cater to the nuances of your unique channel, yet fully custom solutions are slow-to-market and costly to develop from scratch. To meet dynamic market demands and provide speed-to-market and ease of configurability, BI WORLDWIDE’s expanding Channel Smart framework ensures we can continue to help our clients compete in complex, global channel ecosystems. Recognising that each organisation has distinct requirements, Channel Smart offers easy customisation. It provides a comprehensive suite of flexible, intuitive components designed based on BI WORLDWIDE’s expertise to address common recurring market needs and channel challenges. Through this, we can deliver personalised, transformative channel incentives and loyalty programmes.

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Channel Smart’s Solution Framework

Global Operations: Full service global infrastructure so we can support you where your channel partners are.

Design: BI WORLDWIDE domain expertise in behaviour change, inspiration and behavioural economics.

Extensive Promotions Suite and Engagement Mechanics: Reusable, configurable and customisable components including audience management, incentive modules and engagement tools designed to address multilayered and complex channel structures.

In-depth Analytics: Channel Smart allows you to track and analyse key metrics that will help you boost your incentive structure design and build the most engaged channel community that works towards your brand’s success.


  • Database & Access

    ▪ Defined access levels & job roles ▪ Audience smart ▪ Responsive design ▪ Mobile App ▪ Truly global

  • Incentive Modules

    ▪ Sales claims ▪ Single target ▪ Multiple targets ▪ Do this, Get that ▪ Sell X, Get Y

  • Engagement Tools

    ▪ Communications ▪ Content/News ▪ Quizzes ▪ Survey/Polls ▪ Gamification

  • Reporting & Analytics

    ▪ My performance ▪ Leaderboards ▪ Management reporting ▪ Visual dashboards ▪ Exportable data

  • Global Rewards Marketplace

    ▪ Aspirational merchandise ▪ Unforgettable experiences ▪ Personal development & passion progression

Discover how our channel engagement platform can build long-lasting channel relationships and amplify growth

With Channel Smart’s intutative solution framework, you can inspire success through a solution which is mutually benefitable to both your business and your valued channel partners. To speak with a member of our specialist team, get in touch.

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