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Increase performance with our Sales Team Incentive Solutions

Looking to inspire and motivate your sales team? Even the best sales compensation plan can only take it so far. Let's take it up a notch with effective sales team incentives.

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Think you've seen what your sales team’s capable of? Think again.


When it comes to sales incentives, there are levels. You could say that designing one is simple: Set some goals, offer some rewards, then sit back and watch your sales reps work like crazy to achieve their objectives. Easy, right?

Companies invest millions in sales incentives but are they investing wisely? Are there approaches to incentives that bring out the best in a salesforce? And what role, if any, do elements such as communications or analytics play in bringing out the best return from a sales team incentive solution?

At BI WORLDWIDE, we know effective sales incentives understand human behaviour. Because motivation is personal, our solutions lean into individual preference to drive positive behaviours, change habits, and optimise incremental sales. Sales team incentives may not be rocket science, but an effective one certainly is behavioural science.

Harness the power of your sales team with inspiring incentive solutions.

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Sales team incentive solutions that drive more effort, more activity, more sales!

Whether you need to onboard new reps, focus your sales team on a new product launch, or drive a fast finish to the quarter, we'll help you reach your sales goals with customisable, personalised sales incentive programmes like GoalQuest®. We can help pave a clear path to success by pairing an engaging sales incentive programme with sales training, gamification, progress reports, and data visualisation.

Our goal with every incentive? To drive more effort. More activity. More sales.

Our sales team incentive solutions do this by:

  • Tapping into inspiration and emotion, and offering desirable rewards like high-end merchandise, experiences, and travel
  • Setting sales goals that connect back to the purpose of the incentive programme and overall business objectives
  • Engaging middle performers, where the biggest opportunity for growth exists

Let us increase your sales activities, drive new revenues, and maximise your return on investment.

With our customisable sales contest platform and incentive expertise, we’ll be able to set achievable goals that offer highly desirable rewards, inspiring your sales team to strive for success. Contact BI WORLDWIDE today to discover more.

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