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SalesMaker®: A Sales Contest Platform that drives results

Want to motivate your sales team? This is a game-changer: SalesMaker® is a proven sales contest platform that can help you get powerful results from your salespeople.

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G6 Sales Incentive and Contest Platform

Build excitement, inspire performance and grow revenue with our proven sales contest platform


Sales contest platforms are a powerful motivational tool — when they're done right. The truth: it's incredibly hard to design, deploy, and sustain your own sales contest. Despite your best intentions, what starts as a great idea quickly morphs into a burden. But with SalesMaker®, it’s easy.

A sales contest platform developed by contest experts

SalesMaker® is an all-in-one sales contest platform developed and run by contest experts at BI WORLDWIDE. This proven sales contest platform is totally customisable, giving you the flexibility to:

  • Define the rules of the game
  • Communicate with your audience in a way that suits you
  • Recognise achievements with tailored rewards that excite your sales teams

SalesMaker: A sales contest platform made easy

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Remove the need for timely and costly in-house platform development

SalesMaker® is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the headaches and question marks related to running incentive programmes in-house which can often lead to increased expenditure and the loss of valuable time. Our ready-to-use sales contest platform removes the need for costly development, allowing you to spend time on the things that matter. With easy customisable modules, our software can be tailored to the needs of your business and sales teams.

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A solution that draws from real-world experience and behavioural science

SalesMaker® draws from real-world experience and rock-solid behavioural science that has been gathered through years of research. It works because it’s:

  • Flexible. You can run different contests for an unlimited number of individuals and teams.
  • Totally supported. You can design the contest yourself or rely on our experienced team of contest designers. Either way, we're here to answer any questions you have.
  • Seriously motivating. Our Global Rewards Marketplace includes something for everyone (think: merchandise, experiences, event tickets, travel and more) — which means they'll work that much harder to get what they really want.

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Quickly, easily, and instantly issue awards to programme participants. No contest setup or activity tracking required.


Earn-as-you-go award payout structure for short-term contests, allowing participants to self-select goals.

Do This Get That

Reward participants every time they complete a specific activity or product sale.

Double Down

Built as a quarterly objective programme broken into three monthly segments with escalating goals/rewards each month.


The only patented rules structure that allows participants to self-select their goals with an all-or-nothing award payout.


Create a competitive stack ranking. Issue awards to those achieving the top rankings with corresponding payouts.


Reinforce learning, test for competency, reward for results.


Assign a specific objective to each participant and reward them for achievement.

Step It Up

Define levels of performance and reward participants for the highest level they achieve.

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Drive results with SalesMaker®

With our customisable sales contest platform and incentive expertise, we’ll be able to set achievable goals that offer highly desirable rewards, inspiring your sales team to strive for success. Contact BI WORLDWIDE today to discover more.

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