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The Return of Live Events...

Toyota were ready to get back on the road. With the launch of its new Yaris Hybrid model, no virtual substitute could effectively replace this physical experience. BI WORLDWIDE excitedly looked at the challenge of returning to live events and quickly adapted to provide safely inspirational experiences, at a social distance.


When launching the brand-new Toyota Yaris Hybrid, gaining validation from the European press from an immersive event that allowed full experience of the car was essential to its success...

Distanced yet delighted, guests arrived in Brussels for the day to independent registration stations, then socially distanced meeting and exhibition areas, where although masks covered mouths, smiles could still be seen through eyes. Guests then headed to their sanitised vehicle for independent drives on a mapped sightseeing adventure.

New Covid considerations can be daunting when returning to the live events arena. When hosting a widespread audience from different risk environments, it’s crucial to focus on the Three Rs:

BI WORLDWIDE’s Events Team asked all the right questions and our trusted partner suppliers had all the right answers. Risk assessments, contingency mapping for safety, and serious incident plans took shape in great harmony. With safety fully embraced by everyone involved, the tasks were made considerably easier with transparency across the board, scrutinising the detail of every element, from assembly to end-user delivery. 

The outcomes of this event saw;

Nicola Sanders, Project Director spoke on her experience of the event -

“Concerns and considerations can easily consume an event; understanding an attendee’s current health and their potential exposure to Covid-19 before arrival; testing upon arrival; knowing current regulations in the event destination, and adapting to changes and regulations during the event. 

In addition, consideration needs to be given to minimising touch points; cleanliness; PPE; potential changes to a person’s health during the event; contact tracing; detailed communication of requirements and expectations, plus continued contact with those on-site post-event.

My experience was that our robust processes and collaboration helped us work with, not against the tide, further channelling all our creative energy into delivering an inspiring experience for the audience.

The desired outcomes of our clients always remain at the heart of what we do.  In this instance, my mission was to develop a creative and immersive audience experience, enabling my client to confidently release the spirit of the car into the world, knowing I’d considered and taken care of all the risks.” 

So how do we do it?

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