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Sales & Channel Incentive Programmes

At BI WORLDWIDE, we offer performance improvement incentive solutions and programmes for your sales and channel audiences.

We incorporate strategic input that’s founded on the proven principles of behavioural economics, providing innovative touches to your incentive programmes that drive engagement and participation.

Our Sales & Channel incentives combine enticing rewards and a bespoke platform to help exceed your goals!

What’re you waiting for?
If you are interested in any of our sales & channel incentive solutions and programmes, give us a call on 01908 214700 to discuss your options.

Deliver revenue uplift by engaging your sales and channel audience


    your sales and channel audience is what we do best at BI WORLDWIDE. The first step to running an effective performance improvement solution is to take a look at your business objectives, strategy, goals and challenges.


    drive sales and they need the right tools to deliver the best results for your business. Understand what drives your sales force and incentivise them to connect with your customers to sell more effectively.


    sales uplift surely deserves a reward and recognition right? Your most successful salespeople are driven by emotion so challenge them and reward them. And watch them deliver, time and time again.


    need to be measured and it’s important to stay on track to ensure ROI is delivered every time. Clear visibility and insight on sales performance for you and your sales audience allows you to ensure sales keep going up and up!

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Sales Incentive Programmes

Are you looking to increase sales and drive channel engagement? Our sales incentive programmes are designed to change the behaviour of your sales team and channel partners to achieve business results you want.

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Introducing GoalQuest®

Mastering the perfect sales incentive programme for your sales force doesn’t have to be complicated. Our sales incentive programme, GoalQuest, offers proven results that drive incremental sales performance.

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Channel Incentives

BI WORLDWIDE is a proven expert in communications, training, measurement, and reward and recognition.

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Global Reward Marketplace

At BI WORLDWIDE, our Global Rewards MarketplaceTM offers an abundance of reward options to help you recognise and celebrate your outstanding employees, sales and channel reps, and customers.

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Sales Rewards

Reward your sales people with a selection of unique, meaningful experiences and items that we've strategically designed to engage and motivate your sales team.

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Incentive Travel

There is no motivational reward more powerful than travel, so offer your sales team the incentive trip of a lifetime and get them going the extra mile.

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