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Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

It only comes around once a year (the first Friday of March), and although you won’t get a day off work (and banks and post offices are still open), this is one unofficial holiday you don’t want to miss. 

Recognising your employees doesn’t have to mean making a big grand gesture but whatever you choose to do, it should be meaningful and memorable. In the spirit of Employee Appreciation Day, march the 4th, read on to learn about a few occasions when employees hoped someone would have taken a little more notice.

11 Times you wish your manager would have recognised you 

1. When you were the last one at work but no one was there to appreciate it.

2. When you navigated an Excel spreadsheet without crying.

3. When you fixed your own IT problem.

4. When you took the new guy out to lunch and forgot his name halfway through but didn’t even let it show.

5. When you came back from holiday a day early, like a champ, despite the fact that you just mixed up the days you were going to be gone.

6. When you got your email inbox down to zero unread messages.

7. When you worked through lunch last week even though studies say you should totally eat lunch.

8. When you helped those team members brainstorm even though you were actually busy with your own stuff.

9. When you accidentally hit REPLY ALL to a company-wide email but caught yourself before you hit send.

10. When you and your teammate finished a project the day before your client’s deadline.

11. When you told your boss’s boss what a good boss your boss is.


It doesn’t take much to let your employees know they’re making a difference – and a little recognition will go a long way. Employees who feel appreciated at work are more likely to create cool new products, give better customer service, collaborate more and burn out less. And who doesn’t want loyal, productive, energised employees?

Mark your calendar for Friday, March 4th.

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