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Idiosyncratic Fit: Motivating Sales People

Idiosyncratic fit: The feeling of enjoying a unique advantage in achieving a goal, making a sale, beating an opponent, or completing a task.

Our white paper explains the secret to motivating average salespeople to achieve top performance.


A successful sales incentive programme will include three critical elements: goal setting, emotional commitment and focus. These elements will serve as the foundation for both short-term and long-term programmes that will ultimately help you engage your sales reps to achieve your business objectives. Explore our guide to learn best practices to follow when designing your next incentive programme.

Finding the Fit

Conventional wisdom says that top performers are intrinsically motivated to perform, achieve and win. But translating that motivation into action doesn’t happen magically. Somewhere along the way, top performers find their idiosyncratic fit. They quickly and naturally identify how they have the edge over their fellow salespeople – and the competition.

It’s not that average and low performers aren’t intrinsically motivated to succeed. They just have a harder time translating their motivation into action. In other words, they need help finding their own unique fit. As a sales executive, frame your conversations and discussions in a way that helps each individual identify the advantages they have to perform, achieve and win.

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Idiosyncratic fit: Motivating Sales People

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