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Virtual Event & Meeting Management Solutions

We don't run meetings or conferences. We run multinational events that turn groups of isolated individuals into interested, likeminded communities. 

Whether you want to give your live events an online evolution, or need a plan for when the world keeps you apart, we change the way you connect, educate and resonate. 

Events, Meetings & Conferences Have Been Virtually Re-imagined...

With over 40 years’ experience in delivering live events all around the world, we truly understand how to translate a live event into an online, virtual experience.

Supporting you in delivering your strategic objectives, as well as strengthening communications through a fully produced virtual event is what we do best at BI WORLDWIDE.

What Comes Under Our Virtual Event & Meeting Management Service?

  • Delivering live video sessions of keynote speakers and panel sessions

  • Virtual hosts and guest speakers from anywhere in the world

  • Production of motion graphics, pre-recorded content and virtual scenery

  • Multiple breakout rooms for conferences and meetings

  • Managing guest registration and communication for all attendees

  • Weaving recognition into your event with shout-outs, polls and competitions

  • Creative visuals and commentated presentations to enhance message retention

  • Events can be recorded and shared post events with the wider business to assist with global time zones or share with any delegates who were unable to attend.

Why Wait? Engage Your Audience With Virtual Events Today

Allowing your message to resonate beyond venue capacities, virtual solutions are the perfect alternative to live events, meetings and conferences when restrictions prevent your audience gathering together.

Get in contact with one of our skilled team members in virtual event management today so we can start to organise an online experience that won’t be forgotten!

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