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Creative thinking beyond COVID...

"We live in a world where we get to run exciting, invigorating live events – inspiring people, delivering results. We’re lucky people." Rachel Belliere-Wilson our Events Operations Director reflects on the ongoing challenges the event industry faces and how our events will move forward in this new world.

The events industry is always being put to the test – and isn’t that partly what enthrals us about this business?  People who work in this crazy industry haven’t chosen it because they yearn for a steady 9 – 5 job, something that doesn’t test their brain or have them lying awake at night considering the worst-case scenario.  We choose it because it’s full of high levels of challenge, planning, creativity and self-achievement. 

There will always be something around the next bend testing our world, stopping us in our tracks, challenging us to rethink and evolve what we do and how.  From economic recessions to ash cloud, from swine ‘flu to terrorism attacks.  

And currently, it’s the frighteningly invisible enemy Covid-19.

The last three months has seen us transit our face to face programmes to virtual events, and now, just as our clients become comfortable with the exciting content in the virtual arena, the interest is evolving again into hybrid events and full circle back to face to face events.  But that doesn’t mean our operation has reverted back to where we were three months ago.  It’s a whole brave new world out there and our chameleon-like ability to adapt and grasp the opportunities of the new and the fascinating is a constant reminder to us of why we still love this business. 

The oxymoron we must now wrestle with is ‘safely inspirational’. 

But this isn’t new to us - visible and invisible threats have been tightening the link between events companies and HSE for many years.  This time though, there are new layers of safety to sift through.  Layers of masks, Perspex screens, gloves, hand sanitization and social distancing. 

The glamour of the event world isn’t perhaps what it was, yet we’re still finding new ways to engage and to bring our BI WORLDWIDE personality to our audiences.

So, what’s our secret?

Well, our starting point is confidence.  We’re confident about managing event risks, evaluation and serious incident management. Of course, there are new considerations and we don’t make light of this.  Most of us have felt fear at some point since the onset of the Coronavirus spread.  Some of us may still be living with fear.  We have big responsibilities and a duty of care to all involved in the design and delivery of the event. 

But we’re not in the business of simply running safe events. We’re in business of engaging and inspiring. 

So, the mask may cover our mouths, but we’re still smiling through our eyes. We can no longer extend an arm of reassurance to someone, but our team are using their expression and body language to reach out metaphorically.

Our audiences may have to remain at an appropriate distance, but we’re bringing them as close together as ever through our creatively designed programmes and our deep understanding of behavioural science.

Our tight team of event professionals is embracing every one of our three simple steps to success:

And whilst we’re living with Covid, the BI WORLDWIDE way. We will continue to deliver inspiring events by a social distance.  

Written by Rachel Belliere-Wilson, our Events Operations Director

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