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12 weeks of engaging your channel sales

Jun 27, 2022

If you aren’t connecting with your channel sales reps on a weekly basis, you’re likely not a priority for them. We have pulled together 3 months work of ways to engage into a simple list to get you started.

If you aren’t connecting with your channel sales reps on a weekly basis, you’re likely not a priority for them. Even without a huge budget or hours of extra time, there are simple things you can do to stay top-of-mind. Choose to do something from this list once a week to get attention, show appreciation or reward results.

1. Send a thank you for a great year! - Why not check out our FREE thank you e-cards for this? They are free to send and no sign-up is needed.


2. Give them weekly tips to help them sell products - This could come in the form of interactive quizes, tip sheets or flashcards. Anything that engages the audience and is memorable works best.


3. Hold a recognition event at their location to celebrate top performers. 


4. Invite them out to dinner to thank them and share your future plans - Do this too much and it loses it's touch, but incorporating face to face time over food can be a great informal environment to catch-up and share insights, feedback and build relationships.


5. Reward them with funny money and hold an action for large and small prizes - A great engagement tool that takes the focus off giving more money and moves it into experiance based reward and engagement. Want to know why money isnt always best? We have a great webinar here.


6. Ask for their opinion on how to improve your products - This tip can be incorporated within one of our other suggestions or on its own, but quick tempeture tests can be a great way to improve product knowledge.


7. Invite your best partners to run through a warehouse packed with merchandise rewards - Want to get your channels closer to you, invite them to wear it all happens! Running a catch-up meeting incorporated with a tour and a little bag of goodies to leave with can be a great way to leave a lasting impression.


8. Write a news story about their awesome performance and post it to your dealer communications portal.


9. Dont have a dealer communication portal? Better make one.


10. Put together a list of best practices and share a few each week. 


11. Hold a competition to see who demonstrates your products at their best.


12. Summarise key impormation into pocket guide or laminated cards.