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Employee Value Proposition

A strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) acts like a magnet for top talent. If you think EVP is just about HR, think again. When it is done right, an EVP extends across a company’s entire business strategy.

Your Employee Value Proposition is just words…until you bring it to life.


Your company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the message you send to current and future employees about what it’s like to work for your organisation. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal. An EVP gets to the heart of why your business exists and why your employees come to work each day. Sure, part of it’s about pay, benefits and security. But if these were the only reasons, your best employees wouldn’t last very long.

A thoughtful, well-executed EVP isn’t one single action. It’s an accumulation of experiences, emotions and interactions. More to the point, it’s a promise of what you’ll do for your employees when they give their best each day. Every organisations promise is different but they’re all centred on making employees feel consistently and authentically noticed, valued and appreciated. 

A great Employee Value Proposition:

  • Attracts people who share your brand’s passions and values
  • Inspires employees to do awesome work
  • Gives your best employees reasons to stay

Infuse your Employee Value Proposition into every aspect of your business. It should be obvious to future employees on your website, in social media posts and external marketing campaigns. It must be part of every sales pitch, every customer interaction, every communication between managers and employees. It needs to be present from a candidate’s first interview to their last day on the job—and everything in between. If it’s done well, your EVP will show up in the stories your employees tell their friends and families. It’ll appear on job review sites from past employees. It will be what you’re known for among your customers.

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Dr. Brad Shuck on Employee Engagement

Don’t be intimidated by building your EVP strategy

Developing a strong Employee Value Proposition strategy may seem like a tall order but this is what we do. We’ll bring your EVP to life. You have a great brand story; it’s just waiting to be told. We’ll make sure it shows up everywhere it needs to be:

  • Onboarding Programmes: Craft a positive introduction that sets the stage for a successful employee experience.
  • Communication Strategies and Campaigns: Develop clear and consistent messaging that reinforces your Employee Value Proposition.
  • Employee and Manager Training: Equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to build a strong employer brand and foster employee engagement.
  • Employee Recognition: Implement a robust recognition programme that celebrates achievements and reinforces your employee value model.
  • Employee Service Awards: Recognise and reward long-term service and dedication.
  • Employee Rewards: Offer attractive rewards and incentives that align with your Employee Value Proposition framework.
  • Employee Meetings and Events: Create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and showcasing your employee value.
  • Employee Awards and Ceremonies: Celebrate achievements and milestones with public recognition.
  • Employee Surveys and Programme Measurement: Continuously gather feedback and measure the effectiveness of your EVP strategy.

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