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Employee Recognition Programmes

Build a culture of employee recognition, engagement, and retention to make your organisation the best place to work where employees feel valued and enjoy a sense of belonging.

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Recognition shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions


Employee recognition shouldn’t be a one-time act or reserved for special occasions. It’s not something to dust off from time to time, like a wedding suit. No, if you really want to make a lasting impact, recognition should be aligned to your core values and used to reinforce demonstrations of those values in day-to-day activities and in key moments throughout an employee’s relationship with your organisation. The result? A culture of recognition. 

A well-designed employee recognition programme translates into employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity. But it’s not about giving out cash or the typical ’employee-of-the-month' plaques. It’s about making recognition a central part of your business strategy. Whether it’s through peer-to-peer recognition programmes, nomination programmes, or discretionary reward recognition, it’s the opportunity to say — both to the recipient and to those around them — “This is who we are. This is what we want from our team.”

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Meaningful Recognition that Inspires

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We’re experts in global employee recognition


At BI WORLDWIDE, we’re a leader in global employee recognition. We know that specific, timely recognition is the most effective way to acknowledge employees’ accomplishments. We also know that how your company treats your employees will come back to you — for better or for worse.

Our expertise in global employee recognition spans across every industry. We’ll work with you to discover what an effective global employee recognition programme looks like for your company, including which rewards to offer that will be most meaningful for your people.

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Ready to build a high-performance culture of recognition, let’s talk

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