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​DayMaker: BI WORLDWIDE’s ​​​Employee Reward and Recognition Platform

Unlock the true potential of your team members and empower them to achieve new levels of success. From small victories to significant milestones, a recognition programme with DayMaker, BI WORLDWIDE’s innovative employee recognition platform ensures that no achievement goes unnoticed.

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Take your recognition culture to these
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In this new era of business, the future is happening at an unprecedented pace. Evolving work models, shifting generational dynamics, borderless collaboration, and AI advancements are impacting motivation factors and workforce expectations.

People are at the heart of organisational success, and next-level inspiration is needed to activate behaviour change, ignite passion, and fuel workforce engagement.

BI WORLDWIDE’s employee reward and recognition platform, DayMaker, rises to the challenge, integrating recognition, incentives, celebrations, learning, luxury rewards, motivational experiences and more into a single inspiration ecosystem.

Your all-encompassing employee recognition solution

DayMaker, the leading employee recognition solution for global business, is built on the principles of behavioural science to bring your employee value proposition to life in a fun, easy-to-use, employee-centric programme.

As a global employee recognition platform, DayMaker empowers you to celebrate and reward a geographically dispersed workforce, fostering a more connected and engaged culture regardless of location.

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Here’s some of what DayMaker has to offer:

Results-Based Recognition

Use recognition to align employee efforts towards achieving strategic initiatives.

Recognition PURL

Celebrate employee work anniversaries with a personalised URL filled with comments, photos, and videos from co-workers, family, and friends.

Awards They'll Love

Offer an inspirational, vivid, and culturally appropriate reward collection featuring over 5 million of the most desired redemption options worldwide.

Game Mechanics

Incorporate points and badges to reinforce giving or receiving recognition, celebrate milestones, and accomplish pre-defined performance objectives.

Recognition Now

Send a note of appreciation, give points or shop for rewards, all from your favourite work programmes: Outlook, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Recognition Advisor

Using data algorithms and behavioural science principals, Recognition Advisor is a ‘personal assistant’, supporting managers to recognise their employees.

Tech Integrations

Ability to integrate with hundreds of data providers to support improved security, client control, regional implementation, flexibility, and robust monitoring.

Equity and Inclusion Advisor

Individual, synthesised insights and feedback to help managers be more equitable and inclusive.

My Dashboard

Get a clear picture of recognition participation metrics that measure active participation – not just who sent the most recognitions.

RecognitionNOW from BIW

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Are you ready to level up your employee recognition?

Are you ready to transform your organisation with a world-class employee recognition platform?

Let's discuss how DayMaker, our innovative global recognition software, can help you.

Contact BI WORLDWIDE today to learn how DayMaker can elevate your employee recognition strategy.

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