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Channel Incentives

BI WORLDWIDE is a proven expert in communications, training, measurement, and reward and recognition.

BI WORLDWIDE: sales and channel incentive experts

BI WORLDWIDE is one of the most respected sales and channel incentives agencies in EMEA. Our incentive programmes are expertly designed, comprehensive and quick to launch. Our incentive travel and merchandise reward solutions contain powerful and easy to use tools for communications, training, measurement, rewards and recognition.

Areas of expertise
Our sales incentives are designed following in-depth investigations around a client’s specific needs to achieve their unique goals:

  • Product launches
  • Distributor / reseller promotions
  • Sales recognition

With our programmes you can change the behaviour of your sales team and sales channel and get the results you want.

Our research and experience has identified three critical elements to each and every sales and channel incentive programme:

  • Goal setting
  • Emotional commitment
  • Focus

These elements form the foundation for our short- and long-term sales incentive solutions.

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