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Global Rewards and Incentives

Global Rewards and Incentives ensure that you recognise, reward and celebrate employees, sales teams and channel partners for exceeding the goals that you set. BI WORLDWIDE's extensive global rewards catalogue offers an abundance of reward options to maintain motivation and help you reach your business targets.

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What global rewards are available?

From our experience and research, we know that the quality of your rewards programme can have a huge impact on business performance. For this reason, our global rewards platform features a tailored suite of rewards to suit your objectives and budget, allowing you to recognise those that deliver above expectations.

Our global rewards marketplace can include:


From televisions to apparel, shoes and jewellery, there's a range of products available to motivate your audience to achieve their best results.


Whether it be an exhilarating track day or a flight in a hot air balloon, our variety of experiences offer your partners the opportunity to create everlasting memories.

Incentive Travel:

Reward top-performing team members with travel opportunities ranging from weekend getaways to once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Gift Cards:

With an extensive global network, your sales teams and partners can choose from a variety of gift cards from some of the world's best businesses.

Make an impact with our global reward marketplace

People aren’t motivated by what they think they need. They’re motivated by what they want. That’s why cash doesn’t work as well as you might think, and why the selection of awards you offer is so important. Inspire a whole new level of action with BI WORLDWIDE's Global Marketplace.

Discover how you can offer your teams a catalogue of global rewards

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