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Introducing GoalQuest®

Mastering the perfect sales incentive programme for your sales force doesn’t have to be complicated.

BI WORLDWIDE's GoalQuest sales incentive programme offers proven results that drive incremental sales performance.

GoalQuest is a simple concept with extraordinary impact.

Using the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing achievement, GoalQuest drives productivity across your entire sales force – including your middle and lower sales performers.

Segment your audience based on similar levels of productivity.
Without segmentation, one goal has to fit everyone. By doing this, users can set goals that are ambitious and attainable suitable for their level. This ensures top performers stay motivated and lower-level performers don't feel frustrated.

The power of self-selected goals.
In order to participate, sales users must select a goal. This increases accountability and motivation, giving users a sense of being in control of their own sales performance.

Offer a reward they won’t forget! 
Of course, achieving self-selected goals is satisfying, but why not sweeten the deal by offering compelling, tangible rewards?

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