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Give a little love to your employees this Festive Season...

As the nights get a little darker lets talk Christmas, Celebrations, Rewards and Recognition. Written by BI WORLDWIDE, the global leaders in recognition, appreciation and rewards.

You’ve got to love this time of year, haven’t you? Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the reasons to celebrate just keep on coming!
But in the midst of different social restrictions it’s easy to think that there isn’t as much to celebrate at the moment - but what’s the saying? You can’t have rainbows without rain!

Despite the challenges this year has thrown at all of us, you don’t need to look far to find great examples of inspiration, creative thinking, grit and determination.
With 2020 stories like Captain Tom stealing the nation’s hearts and raising £32m for the NHS, the viral videos from Italy of singing from balconies during lockdown to combat loneliness, or the 750,000 UK volunteer sign-ups received within 48 hours to help covid efforts. It’s human nature to try to make the best of the circumstances; we pull together, and we continue to celebrate the small things and show appreciation to one another.

Businesses often use Christmas as a time to thank employees for their hard work throughout the year. Social distancing means that traditional team lunches, drinks with colleagues and Christmas parties will be off the table. Even a gift card to spend in the shops might be deemed inappropriate.

At BI WORLDWIDE we see the current circumstances presenting businesses with a unique chance to re-evaluate their strategy. The opportunity to take a new, exciting approach to appreciation and recognition. A chance to add to their culture. So, as the winter months roll in and restrictions vary, we need to look at doing things differently...

If asked their preferences, it may not be surprising that research has always shown employees will likely say ‘cash’ or cash alternatives such as cards and vouchers as their preferred choice of reward. However, study after study shows that cash is rarely the most effective way to show your appreciation. In fact, anything with a £, $ or € sign on it can be a de-motivator unless, of course, it has a string of zeros after the first number. That’s because people perceive the £££ value as being aligned to their worth. “£50? Is that it? For all I’ve done this year?!”

We KNOW the most effective recognition is personal. It’s the message, the timing, the sincerity of your words. And when it comes to rewarding people, the more personal, tangible, fun and experiential, the better!

At BI WORLDWIDE we deliver nimble rewards solutions that work for any audience, any country and any budget. We can quickly launch a tailored recognition and reward experience that;

  • Is simple, quick and easy to implement

  • Supports your culture and brand, and makes a positive contribution to your Employee Value Proposition

  • Provides access to more than 1 million reward redemption opportunities globally 

  • Offers personal choice for the recipients, maximising the impact of each reward experience

  • Delivers a robust, localised, fulfilment experience, removing the pain points of in-house administration

  • Is available on a global basis with culturally relevant rewards

  • Provides in-region participant support in over 12 languages

So, as you throw your pumpkins onto the compost heap and let off the last of the fireworks, think ‘how am I going to celebrate and show my staff appreciation this Festive Season?’. With darker nights rolling in and employees separated from not only their colleagues but also family and friends, make the time to spread a little winter cheer.

If you want to know more about how BI WORLDWIDE’s solutions can support your business in celebrating your employees? Get in touch!

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